Why Treaties?


Why Treaties?

First Nations have pre-existing inherent rights that continue today. The BC treaty negotiations process provides a framework for the three Parties  Canada, BC and First Nations  to work toward their common goals of recognition and reconciliation. Treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements recognize and reconcile pre-existing Indigenous sovereignty with assumed Crown sovereignty. 

Through the negotiation of treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements, the Principals seek to end the legacy of colonialism, recognize First Nations' Aboriginal title and rights, provide for the co-existence of Crown and First Nations governments and laws, revitalize Indigenous languages and cultures, unlock economic development opportunities, close socio-economic gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, ensure a true sharing of prosperity, and build a new nation-to-nation, government-to-government-to-government relationship through a constitutionally entrenched agreements.

Some of the major components integral to modern treaty making in British Columbia are:



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