Negotiation Update


Negotiations Update

The BC treaty negotiations process is voluntary and open to all First Nations in British Columbia. Since the beginning there are 65 self-determining First Nations, representing over half of all Indian Act bands in BC, that have entered and participated in, or have completed treaties through the treaty negotiations process.

Active or completed negotiations involve 39 self-determining First Nations, representing 72 current or former Indian Act bands, totaling 36% of all Indian Act bands in BC. For statistical purposes, the Treaty Commission continues to refer to “Indian Act bands” to provide a common reference point. 

A “First Nation” in the BC treaty negotiations process is a self-defined governing body, established and mandated by its people within its traditional territory in BC to enter into negotiations with Canada and British Columbia. The BCTC Agreement and legislation set out this principle of self-definition, and is consistent with the right to self-determination affirmed in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

For the most recent information on each negotiations, please see the latest annual report.


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